Sunday, 1 April 2007

Images during fieldwork

Everyday life impressions during fieldwork in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon

Lebanon, Bourj Al Shamali refugee camp: Beit Atfal Sumoud ABP internet center

Lebanon: Ein Al Hilwe camp internet Cafe

Lebanon, Bourj Al Barajna camp Beirut: refugee style infrastructure

Friends in Ramallah, protesting Israeli occupation

Riyad, New York, Germany, London...

Thanks to internet: new telephone communications around the world (Bourj Shamali camp,Sour, Lebanon)

Palestinian Exodus 1948/1967

Power Cut Camp Internet Cafe Beirut...

...yet, every problem has a (temporary) solution: UPS systems.

Internet center Beit Atfal Sumoud, Nahr Al Bared camp.

Joint Palestinian-Israeli protest against occupation. Worth to try.